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It’s commendable that 1xSlots online casino prioritizes the use of licensed games from reputable developers, contributing to a safe and trustworthy gaming environment. Here’s a brief overview of 10 top providers that are official partners of 1xSlots, further emphasizing the casino’s commitment to quality and reliability:




Country of origin: Malta

Established: 2001

Supported languages: English

Number of games: 150+


Playson: Known for innovative and engaging slots, Playson is a well-respected game developer in the industry.

The detailed overview of Playson showcases the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge and innovative gaming content to the online entertainment industry. Here’s a summary of the key points from the review:

1. Extensive Portfolio:

  • Playson boasts a diverse portfolio of over 100 online casino games.
  • All products undergo testing and certification for major regulated territories in Europe, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

2. Evolution from Physical to Online Gaming:

  • Initially focused on real casino machines, Playson shifted its focus to the development of virtual slots for online platforms.
  • All game content is optimized for mobile devices, reflecting the industry’s shift toward mobile gaming.

3. Quality Slot Games:

  • Playson takes pride in its slot games, covering a variety of themes from traditional fruit slots to pirate and space slots.
  • Popular due to interesting stories, unique characters, and vibrant graphics, the games are user-friendly with rich functionality.

4. Diverse Game Offerings:

  • Apart from slots, Playson provides several types of roulette and blackjack, along with video poker.
  • High-definition graphics, 3D animation, and additional features enhance the gaming experience.

5. Focus on Safety and Reliability:

  • Playson emphasizes the safety and reliability of its products.
  • Personal data and monetary transactions are secured, with the company holding a license from the international company AGCC.

6. Reputation and Global Presence:

  • Playson values its reputation and is a sought-after developer featured in major online casinos.
  • The company’s games have made numerous players worldwide millionaires.

7. Dynamic Gameplay:

  • Playson’s games offer dynamic and original gameplay, immersing players in colorful and unique worlds.
  • Original soundtracks complement the themes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

8. Regular Releases and Player-Friendly Options:

  • The company regularly releases new slot machines, contributing to its high demand in the online gambling industry.
  • Customizable user settings allow players to tailor the gaming experience to their preferences.

9. Free Play Options:

  • Playson provides opportunities for players to enjoy slot machines for free and without registration through demo versions.

10. Fair Play Assurance:

  • Playson ensures the impossibility of manipulating slots, promoting fair play and allowing players to enjoy the excitement and well-deserved winnings.

Playson’s dedication to quality, innovation, safety, and player satisfaction has positioned it as a leading and reputable game developer in the world of online gambling.


pocketgames soft

Founded in 2015

Mobile game developer

Multiple licenses

Over 30 games



PG SOFT is a notable mobile game development company headquartered in Malta. Established in 2015, the company has rapidly expanded, now boasting a robust team of 200 employees with offices spanning Europe, North America, and Asia. Combining the extensive experience of its co-founders with an award-winning team of artists and creators, PG SOFT has garnered attention for its exceptional gameplay and stunning graphics. Despite being relatively new to the online gambling market, PG SOFT has made a remarkable impression in the video slots industry over the past five years.

Key Points about PG SOFT:

  1. Global Presence:
    • PG SOFT operates globally with offices in Europe, North America, and Asia.
  2. Team Expertise:
    • The company leverages the collective expertise of its co-founders and a talented team of artists and creators.
  3. Gamification and Mobile Applications:
    • PG SOFT has undertaken extensive gamification of mobile applications, offering a range of unique gaming solutions.
  4. Gameplay and Graphics:
    • PG SOFT games are characterized by striking aesthetics and addictive gameplay, providing unparalleled entertainment for mobile slots players.
  5. Impressive Presence at 1xSlots:
    • On the 1xSlots website, there are approximately 60+ slots from PG SOFT, showcasing the popularity of their games on this platform.
    • The casino consistently adds new PG SOFT games shortly after their official release.
  6. Artistic Excellence:
    • PG SOFT games are often described as works of art, emphasizing the company’s commitment to high-quality graphics and visual appeal.
  7. High Profitability:
    • PG SOFT’s software is known not only for its exceptional graphics but also for its high profitability, contributing to a rewarding gaming experience for players.


PG SOFT has quickly become a notable player in the mobile game development industry, impressing players and online casinos alike with its artistic excellence, gamification efforts, and a strong focus on delivering an exceptional gaming experience. The presence of PG SOFT games on platforms like 1xSlots underscores their popularity and positive reception in the online gambling community.

Rabcat Gambling

rabcat gaming

Country representative: Austria

Established: 2001

Supported languages: English

Number of games: 21+

Rabcat Gambling is a well-established manufacturer in the online gambling industry, with operations dating back to 2001. The company’s product portfolio encompasses a variety of offerings, including video slots, casino table games, and innovative 3D games created under its own brands.

Key Features and Advantages of Rabcat Gambling Products:

  1. Unique Graphic Design:
    • Rabcat Gambling is recognized for its distinctive and unique graphic design in its slots, providing players with visually captivating experiences.
  2. Licensed and Regulated Software:
    • The company prioritizes the licensing and regulation of its software, ensuring compliance with industry standards and player protection.
  3. Stunning 3D Video Slots:
    • Rabcat Gambling specializes in developing stunning 3D video slots that enhance the visual appeal of the gaming experience.
  4. Realism through 3D Animations:
    • High degrees of realism are achieved through the incorporation of 3D animations, adding depth to the gaming environment.
  5. Multilingual Support:
    • Rabcat Gambling games are translated into multiple languages, catering to a diverse global audience.
  6. High Return Percentage (RTP):
    • The company maintains a high return percentage (RTP) of 96.6%, contributing to fair and rewarding gameplay.
  7. Mobile Version Support:
    • Rabcat Gambling is committed to providing mobile-friendly versions of its games, allowing players to enjoy their products on various devices.
  8. Collaboration with Industry Giants:
    • The company actively collaborates with major players in the gambling industry, such as Microgaming, ensuring reliability and transparency in its games.

Distinctive Features of RabCat Slots:

  1. Multi-Level System with Unique Bonuses:
    • Rabcat Gambling slots feature a multi-level system with unique and generous bonuses, prize rewards, and other distinctive features.
  2. Continuous Development and Improvement:
    • The company is dedicated to ongoing development and improvement of its products, ensuring they remain unique and innovative.
  3. Easy Integration into Modern Platforms:
    • Rabcat Gambling slots are designed for easy integration into modern gaming platforms, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience.

Popular RabCat Slots:

  1. Frothen Diamonds
  2. Castle Builder
  3. River of Riches
  4. Dragon’s Myth

online slots

Each of these games is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering players a genuine work of art with realistic interfaces and stunning animation effects. The incorporation of video trailers within the games enhances the overall immersive experience, making Rabcat Gambling slots a standout choice in the world of online gaming. The seamless integration of control buttons into the game design further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Mancala gaming

mancala gaming


Established: 2019

Games developed: 74+

Main Genres: Animals, Zombies, Adventure

Types of games: Slots, Craps

Country: Czech Republic



Mancala Gaming is a relatively young and dynamic online gaming provider that entered the industry in 2019. With a dedicated team of professionals, the company has quickly established itself and holds a portfolio of over 50 games spanning various themes to cater to diverse player preferences.

Key Points about Mancala Gaming:

  1. Portfolio Variety:
    • Mancala Gaming offers a diverse portfolio of over 50 games, including traditional slot machines and dice slot machines, providing options for a wide range of player tastes.
  2. Foundation and Vision:
    • Established in 2019, Mancala Gaming is a young and flexible company with a clear vision and strong values.
  3. Team of Professionals:
    • The company has brought together professionals from the gaming industry, contributing to its growth and success.
  4. First-Class Service:
    • Mancala Gaming emphasizes providing first-class service, ensuring a positive experience for both business partners and players.
  5. Fair Treatment and Values:
    • Fair treatment of all business partners and players is one of the core values embraced by Mancala Gaming.
  6. Ambitious Plans and Creative Slots:
    • Mancala Gaming is known for its ambitious plans and commitment to developing new and creative slots, contributing to its innovative approach in the industry.
  7. Balanced and Collaborative Partnership:
    • The company places importance on balanced and collaborative partnerships, believing that such relationships not only benefit the business but also contribute to the growth of the entire industry.

Mancala Gaming’s commitment to excellent service, good business practices, and a customer-centric approach reflects its dedication to creating a positive impact in the online gaming sector. As a provider, the company focuses on delivering a variety of engaging and entertaining games while fostering partnerships that promote mutual growth and success.

IronDog Studio

irondog studio


Established: 2017
Games developed: 41
Main genres: Vikings, Sci-fi
Types of games: Slot machines, Roulette, Blackjack, Scratch cards, Baccarat
Country: UK

Iron Dog is the latest brand of slot machines introduced by the 1X2group. Positioned with a strong emphasis on high performance, quality, and unique features, Iron Dog aims to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.

Key Features of Iron Dog Slots:

  1. High Return Percentage:
    • Iron Dog slots boast a relatively high return percentage, exceeding 96%. This indicates that winning on these machines is more achievable, especially when employing effective gaming strategies.
  2. Focus on Quality:
    • The brand places a strong focus on delivering quality gaming experiences, ensuring that players enjoy engaging and entertaining gameplay.
  3. Unique Features:
    • Iron Dog incorporates unique features into its slot machines, setting them apart from other offerings in the market. These distinctive elements contribute to a more enjoyable and memorable gaming experience.
  4. Exclusive Presence at 1xSlots:
    • On the 1xSlots casino website, players can explore a curated selection of about 25 Iron Dog slot machines. These games cover various types and themes, providing a diverse range of options for players.

As a part of the 1X2group, Iron Dog leverages the expertise and reputation of the larger gaming group. The commitment to quality, unique features, and a focus on player satisfaction positions Iron Dog as a brand poised to make a significant impact in the competitive gaming industry. Players can anticipate an array of slots that not only entertain but also offer favorable winning opportunities.




Established: 1993

Number of games: 120+

Main genres: Animals, History, Magic

Types of games: Slots, Roulette, Card games, Lotteries

Country: Austria

Amatic is a well-established development company that has been a stalwart in the industry since its initiation in Austria in 1993. Founded by R. Bauer, the company initially focused on creating slot machines and software for brick-and-mortar gambling clubs. With the advent of the internet, Amatic transitioned its operations to cater to the online casino market.

Key Points about Amatic:

  1. Established History:
    • Amatic has a long-standing history, dating back to 1993, making it one of the industry’s old-timers.
  2. Founder and Origin:
    • R. Bauer founded Amatic, and the company started its journey in Austria.
  3. Evolution to Online Casinos:
    • Initially producing slot machines and software for physical casinos, Amatic adapted to the online casino landscape with the rise of the internet.
  4. Licensing and Safety:
    • Official Amatic slot machines are exclusively connected to licensed online casinos, ensuring additional safety and reliability for players when withdrawing winnings.
  5. Consistent Return Rate:
    • Amatic has maintained an excellent return rate on its online slots for over a decade, contributing to the provider’s enduring popularity.

Popular Amatic Online Slots:

  1. Admiral Nelson
  2. Casanova
  3. Dragons’ Pearl
  4. Wild Shark
  5. Wild Stars
  6. Royal Unicorn
  7. Wolf Moon

Advantages and Features of Amatic Slot Machines:

  1. Customizable Options:
    • Each slot is customizable, allowing players to resize panels, connect touch monitors, and more. The games are designed to look perfect on various devices.
  2. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Amatic ensures a familiar and user-friendly interface, with game control buttons that are clear and easily recognizable, often resembling classic slot machines.
  3. Versatile Game Selection:
    • Amatic offers a diverse range of games, including classic slot machines, designer slots, roulettes, lotteries, blackjack, and various types of poker.
  4. Maximum Honesty and Transparency:
    • Amatic slots are renowned for their honesty and lack of hidden mechanics, making them a preferred choice for users.
  5. Rigorous Testing:
    • Every Amatic product undergoes rigorous testing, providing players with a guarantee of safety and fair play.

Amatic’s commitment to quality, safety, and a wide range of game genres has contributed to its enduring popularity among gamblers worldwide. With familiar interfaces and customizable options, Amatic remains a reputable choice for those seeking pleasant experiences and substantial winnings in the world of online gambling.

Just for the win

just for the win


The company was founded in 2016.

Number of games: 14+

Only video slots are being developed



Just For The Win (JFTW) is a software development company known for creating compelling gaming content, particularly focusing on mobile and desktop video slots within the free-to-play and online gambling market.

Key Features of Just For The Win Games:

  1. HTML5 Compatibility:
    • Just For The Win’s slots are designed to work on HTML5, ensuring compatibility across various platforms and devices.
  2. Interesting Bonus Features:
    • Games from Just For The Win are characterized by interesting and engaging bonus features, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  3. Gamification Tools:
    • The company incorporates a large number of gamification tools into its games, providing players with interactive and immersive elements.
  4. Special Sound Design and Video Sequences:
    • Just For The Win places emphasis on special sound design and video sequences, contributing to a more engaging and enjoyable gaming atmosphere.
  5. Above-Average RTP:
    • The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Just For The Win slots is above average, offering players a favorable return on their bets.
  6. Diverse Game Catalog:
    • Despite being relatively recent in the market, Just For The Win has a diverse game catalog. Each slot is unique in design and theme, with special bonuses and super games, including free spins.
  7. Free-to-Play Option:
    • Players have the option to play Just For The Win slots for free, subject to detailed conditions outlined on the casino website. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the games without financial commitment.
  8. Ongoing Development Plans:
    • Although the current game catalog consists of around 20 slots, Just For The Win has ambitious plans for the future, promising new and exciting surprises for players.

Just For The Win’s focus on delivering quality, innovative, and mobile-friendly gaming content positions it as a promising player in the industry. The incorporation of unique features, gamification tools, and a commitment to ongoing development bode well for the company’s potential to provide enjoyable and rewarding experiences for players. As the company continues to expand its portfolio, players can anticipate new and captivating releases in the future.

Pragmatic Play

pragmatic play


  • Established: 2015
  • Games developed: 200+
  • Country: Malta
  • RTP slots: from 96%
  • Types of games: Slot machines, Live, Bingo, Card games, Board games, Keno.


Pragmatic Play stands as one of the world’s most renowned online casino software manufacturers, earning recognition and accolades in the gaming industry through prestigious international prizes and awards. Some notable achievements include:

  1. Best Provider 2019 by AskGamblers
  2. Sigma Slot Machine of the Year 2018 for Wolf Gold
  3. Best Software Provider for iGaming-2020 according to the International Gaming Awards

Pragmatic Play holds a prominent position as a leading content provider for the iGaming industry, offering an innovative, regulated, and mobile-focused portfolio across various products, including slot machines, live casino games, and bingo. The company is dedicated to delivering premium entertainment experiences, and its passion for quality has earned it industry acclaim.

The gaming portfolio of Pragmatic Play features over 200 verified HTML5 games, available in multiple currencies, 31 languages, and adhering to all major legal markets. The diversity and excellence of their in-house content contribute to their standing as an award-winning provider.

At 1xSlots casino, players have access to the best online slots from Pragmatic Play. The official website showcases a selection of popular and profitable slots, providing options to suit every player’s preferences and interests.

Most Popular Slots from Pragmatic Play at 1xSlots:

  1. Big Bass
  2. Sweet Bonanza
  3. Book of Vikings
  4. Lucky Lightning
  5. Dragon: Hot Hold & Spin

These slots are representative of Pragmatic Play’s commitment to delivering engaging and enjoyable gaming experiences. With a diverse range of themes and features, Pragmatic Play continues to captivate players and maintain its reputation as a leading force in the online casino industry.

BluePrint Gaming



Established: 1994

Total games: 100+

Country: Malta

Average RTP slots: from 96%

Blueprint Gaming is indeed a significant player in the online gambling industry, having operated since 1994. The company boasts a portfolio of over a hundred first-class slot machines, solidifying its position as a giant in the field.

Key Features and Advantages of Blueprint Gaming Slot Machines:

  1. Superior Graphics and Immersive Sound:
    • Blueprint Gaming slots are known for their superior graphics and immersive sound, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.
  2. Various Genres and Topics:
    • The company offers a diverse range of slot themes and genres, catering to a wide array of player preferences.
  3. Additional Bonuses and Games:
    • Most Blueprint Gaming slots come with additional bonuses and extra games, adding layers of excitement and potential rewards for players.
  4. Stable and Safe Operation:
    • The stability and safety of Blueprint Gaming’s slots contribute to a high-quality and engaging gaming experience. Players can enjoy a reliable and secure platform.
  5. Global Licensing:
    • Blueprint Gaming is officially licensed to operate in many countries worldwide. Adhering to regulations, the company ensures a safe and fair gaming environment for customers at online casinos like 1xSlots.

Blueprint Gaming’s commitment to adhering to rules and regulations ensures that players can trust the safety and fairness of the services provided. With a rich history spanning several decades, Blueprint Gaming continues to be a prominent and respected name in the online gambling industry. Players can expect innovative and entertaining slot experiences from a company that has consistently delivered high-quality content throughout its extensive tenure in the market.

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